Ghanaian charity donates copies of ‘PR For Dummies’ to gov’t officials

A Ghana based charity has donated over 1000 copies of ‘PR for Dummies’ to the government in an effort to prevent further disastrous public comments from government officials.

“It seems government officials have a knack for saying the wrong things at the wrong time. They are a word away from dropping a clanger any time they tweet or post a comment on Facebook. First, it was Hanna Tetteh’s mocking comments on twitter, now another minister of state has taken to Facebook to mock Ghanaians donning red outfits to express their frustrations over the poor state of the nation,” the head of the charity explained.


 Just when you thought Hanna Tetteh’s tweet will be the last of such derisive comments…… one Edward Omane Boamah comes in with this Facebook post


In addition to the books, the charity organisation has also secured a World Bank loan to build a school to offer free tuition in social media etiquette for government officials.  According to the charity, officials who attend the course will be given free sanitary pads and a free note pad and pen to encourage attendance.



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