Ghanaian IT company first corporate entity to win Nobel Laureate

It is a really good time to be Ghanaian! Not long after GBC uncovered the amazing story of Mr. Fraudster Fauster Attah Mensa, the youngest ever Nobel laureate, a Ghanaian IT company has reportedly become the first corporate entity to be awarded the Nobel prize.

Subah Infosolutions, a Ghanaian IT company has been awarded the coveted award for being the most versatile company in history. This company, which prides itself as Ghana’s leading IT and telecommunications solution provider, is the first IT company to be contracted by the government of Ghana not to provide IT services but to procure motorbikes for a national street naming project.

According to the award committee, the versatility exhibited by Subah Infosolutions is exceptional. “It is not unusual for a corporate entity to change it’s core business, but for for an IT company to bid for and win a contract to supply motorbikes is just phenomenal. It’s not something you see everyday. It’s like waking up to the news that ECG has won a bid to provide SADA with Guinea fowls.”

Following this revelation, GBC24 has hinted of intentions to interview the executives of Subah Infosolutions.

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