Ghanaian politicians found to have a gene that makes them immune to shame

A group of Ghanaian biological scientists from the University of Ghana have reportedly identified a particular genetic disparity that makes Ghanaian politicians immune to public shame.

According to the research report, this genetic disparity prevents politicians from feeling any sense of shame when they have been found wanting. “Ordinarily, any normal human produces cells that causes the feelings of shame and remorse after failing to deliver on ones promise. However, these politicians possess a particular genetic component that causes them to feel no shame, allowing them to remain in office and shamelessly defend their despicable deeds,” the report said.

The 4-year research work studied 57 politicians from all sides of the political divide. Researchers found that all 57, though from divergent political backgrounds, shared one mysterious gene that gives them the special ability to feel no shame in the face of gross incompetences and ineptitude. The politicians who were the subject of the study had all experienced monumental failures in their various political appointments yet, they exhibited very little sign of remorse and no hint of resigning their positions.

The research team has now turned its attention to finding a means to safely destroy this corrupted gene that gives our current breed of politicians the ability to feel no shame despite the rapid declining state of the nation.

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