Ghanaian Voters To Be Microchipped

The Electoral Commission (EC) of Ghana in collaboration with the National Identification Authority (NIA) will soon begin microchipping all Ghanaian voters.

This nationwide registration exercise dubbed “No Chip No Vote”, is aimed at cleaning up the electoral register which is believed to be bloated with over two million double registration entries. The EC is confident that this microchipping exercise will “prevent dishonest and greedy individuals from double voting in the 2016 general election.”

The exercise which will begin sometime before the 2016 general elections will require every Ghanaian aged over 18 to have a microchip inserted into their arm. This microchip will contain the voter’s name, sex, date of birth, place of birth as well their Facebook and Twitter log in details.

With this new system, votes will be electronically counted and each vote can only be validated when a voter’s microchip has been scanned and electronically ticked off in the national register. And this will also require each voter to be physically present at a polling station to be scanned and electronically ticked off.

As a general rule, the microchip will be inserted into a voter’s left arm. According to the EC, those who try to double register by having two microchips inserted into an arm will have their arm burnt to a crisp from the deadly electrical current created by placing two microchips in one arm.

There is also a GPS feature on this microchip which will be deactivated as a default setting. Spouses can however have their partner’s GPS feature activated to monitor their whereabouts. The commission however stressed that this feature will only be used to access on the location of a spouse who has gone missing. At no point will suspicious spouses be permitted to use this feature to spy on their partners.

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