Ghanaians to import China-made MPs

In a desperate move to save the nation from selfish and irrational leaders, Ghanaians have collectively decided to import their Members of Parliament directly from China.

They argue that it is impossible to find a local political party to produce 275 honest men and women who will put the “interest of the people before everything else.”

It is believed an agreement has been reached between a group of concerned Ghanaians and a Chinese manufacturing company to produce 275 honest MPs within a matter of weeks. Our sources in China confirmed a certain Martin Amidu has been shipped off to China to be used as a prototype after which the 275 will be designed.

Speaking to YesiYesi Ghana, a 12 year old schoolgirl who attends classes under a big odum tree was excited about the prospects of the China-made MPs. “If Ghana can get 275 China-made MPs who are half as good those China-made chairs in the newly refurbished chamber of parliament, then maybe I will find myself in a proper classroom sooner rather than later.”

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