Ghanaians to use Facebook profiles as national ID

Six years and several millions after attempting to register and issue Ghanaians with a national identity card, the National Identification Authority (NIA) has revealed that Ghanaians will now use their Facebook profiles as their sole national identification document.

This virtual ID will however cost the Ghanaian taxpayer a further $115 million, according to NIA officials. “After wasting your time and money, we have finally come up with a brilliant idea to solve this national ID card issue. At this point, we are not exactly sure how we will spend this $115 million, but Ghanaians should be in no doubt that this money will end up in our pockets on the project,” explained one official.

He also explained that for a Facebook account to qualify to be used as an identification document, users must update their personal details to include ‘their current relationship status, party affiliation, phone number, bank account details, debit card pin number and a recent selfie.” The NIA will contract a private firm to open Facebook accounts for Ghanaians who are not currently signed onto the social networking site. This private contractor will also be tasked with opening accounts for new born babies.




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