GMA- 0.5 million dead in 3yrs due to government’s ineptitude

Statistics gathered by the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) indicates 500,000 Ghanaians have needlessly lost their lives since the present administration begun mismanaging the affairs of the country in July 2012.

The deaths, according to the GMA report, is largely as a result of the government’s continued failure to fulfil its duty of providing basic social amenities for citizens. The report said “it holds government responsible for the disgraceful destruction of Ghanaian lives through sheer greed, ineptitude and lack of foresight.”

The report also labelled inept government officials as “the true nation wreckers and the agents of death and destruction,” noting that government officials continue to line their pockets with state funds while ordinary Ghanaians still die from malaria, cholera, floods, fires and a host of other preventable conditions.

The doctors however rubbished reports by the Health Insurance Service Providers Association of Ghana (HISPAG) purporting that 500 people have died since the public sector doctors embarked on a strike action over 2 weeks ago. The GMA maintained that any loss of life should be blamed on the government officials who continue to prosper at the expense of the ordinary Ghanaian.

Reacting to calls for government to contract Cuban doctors to temporarily run government hospitals, the GMA made a counter appeal to Ghanaians to bring in Chinese politicians to run affairs whiles Ghanaians seek a better alternative.