Gov’t sets up a committee to discuss how to set up a committee to investigate Black Stars’ loss

Government has reportedly set up a 57-man committee to discuss the details involved in setting up a committee to investigate the events surrounding the national team’s poor showing at the World Cup.

“This committee has its job cut out and that is to advice government on how to set up another committee,” a spokesperson said. “This is clearly a very difficult and necessary task, so government will ensure that the committee members are fully remunerated for their efforts.”

The spokesman argued that, to understand what happened in Brazil, it is important that government sets up a special committee to advice the president on how to set up a committee to investigate the Black Stars issue. “Because we do not for a moment think that the government going back on it’s promise to pay the players the agreed fees contributed to the team’s early exit from the tournament. And we certainly do not think it’s the fact that all the media attention caused by the $3 million cash airlifted to Brazil affected the teams performance or the fracas that ensued in the hotel room before the game on Thursday.”

“There must be a some reason why we failed, maybe Ghanaians didn’t pray enough. We don’t know, that is why we need this committee to advice government on how to set up another committee to get to the bottom of the issue.”

The spokesman said the names of the 57 members tasked with the very difficult assignment of advising the government on how to form a committees will be made public in the coming days.