Gov’t sympathisers counter ‘Red Friday’ with ‘Nude Saturday’ campaign

For every ying there is a yang and for every #OccupyFlagStaffHouse protest, there is a One Man Thousand thousand-man march. Now it seems the #RedFriday campaign is about to meet its match: #NudeSaturday.

A number of sympathisers of the present administration have reportedly launched a campaign called the “Nude Saturday” to mount pressure on the “so called Ghanaian middle class” to end their unreasonable demands for good and efficient leadership. “These middle class people are too meddlesome. They are too know! How can they question a president and his honourable ministers? If the president decides to airlift $3 million to Brazil or retain an under-performing minister, who are we to question his wisdom,” ranted one of the organisers of the #NudeSaturday campaign.

The campaign will kick off on Saturday, July 19th. “Sympathisers are encouraged to strip naked, preferably no bleached skin, love handles or sagging set of melons,” the official statement said. Ghanaians are encouraged to remain nude as they go about their usual Saturday activities and all social media posts should bear the #NudeSaturday and/or #YentieObiaa tags.

The statement also stressed that the #NudeSaturday campaign is a non partisan event. “It is a show of appreciation to our friends and relations in government who generously gift us with building and procurement contracts even when we are clearly unqualified.”

“We will not stand by and watch others disturb our honourables with  incessant calls for accountability. Our honourables shall not be questioned or challenged by mere citizens,” the statement ended.

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