Gov’t to airlift bank tellers to Brazil to help count $3m Black Stars cash

Just hours after airlifting $3 million in cash to Brazil to pay for the appearance fees of the Black Stars, government has reportedly made plans to airlift a number of bank tellers from Accra to Brazil to help the players count their cash.

It was also revealed that the selection process for the tellers will be the same as the earlier one used to select the football fans who were sent to Brazil to support the Black Stars. The majority of the bank tellers who will be sent to Brazil to help count the whooping $3 million cash will come from the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC). “If the responsibility is that we should send bank tellers to Brazil, then I will say it and say it again that every teller in Ghana will go but the majority will come from the NDC,” a government insider said.

One bank teller who claims to be a registered member of the ruling party said she was thrilled at the prospect of going to Brazil to count the $3 million. “I have worked as a bank teller for about 15 years and I’ve never had the opportunity to count such a huge sum of money. I will be thrilled to be part of the team of bank tellers who do this, I think it may earn us a place in the Guinness World Records book!”

Another also said, “I’ll be happy to be flown to Brazil to count the money, but I don’t know why the government didn’t just do an electronic bank transfer. Maybe the government doesn’t know about electronic bank transfers or maybe the players don’t trust these government officials to transfers the right amounts hence their demand for the physical cash.”

“But I think these players need something more than the $75,000 or $100,000 they are demanding. Representing your nation at the World Cup these days is such an inconvenience, we need to give them proper remuneration. Maybe government should, in addition to the $3 million, airlift bags and bags of national pride to these players in Brazil. In fact we even need to apologise to them for disturbing their summer break with such an inglorious national duty.”

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