Gov’t unveils Free Israel Pilgrimage logo

Following its practice of creating logos for flagship policies, the Akufo-Addo administration has unveiled a logo for its ‘cerebrally weak’ Free Israel Pilgrimage Programme.

The unveiling took place at the Kotoka International Airport during a farewell ceremony for the first batch of christian pilgrims to be airlifted to Israel by the kind courtesy of the Ghana government.

  • The logo

The Free Israel Pilgrimage Programme logo features an open book with the image of two jubilant individuals- presumably NPP party faithfuls, high-fiving over the prospect of a free trip to Israel. According to officials, the open book represents the NPP’s national membership register, “which means the ‘government-facilitated’ trip to Israel will be open to only party members.”
“And the two high-fiving individuals capture the spirit of freeloading.”

Underneath the open book are the words “Pissing taxpayer’s money up the Wailing Wall.”