Hanna Tetteh to head the newly created Ministry of Twitter Affairs

The president, according to reports, will shortly announce the creation of a new cabinet-level ministry with the dual responsibility of churning out sharp-tongued tweets directed at Ghanaians protesting the poor state of the economy and also provide rapid responses to any anti-government tweets.

Honourable Hanna Tetteh, the current Minister for Foreign Affairs, is expected to be named the head of the new ministry. “Her ability to respond quickly to events in Twittersphere makes her the ideal candidate for the position. As a foreign minister, she is already making good use of twitter to resolve major international relations issues. Rather than using official channels to demand a proper apology, our honourable foreign minister chose to have a spat on twitter over an injudicious tweet by the American Embassy’s official twitter handle. The president has taken note of her tweeting prowess and is keen to move her into a portfolio where she can be most effective,” a government insider said.

The official announcement of the creation of this new ministry will be done via Twitter and unlike the other ministries, the Ministry of Twitter Affairs will be run on a very low budget. Honourable Tetteh, when appointed will work alone, either from the comfort of her home or from the back of her chauffeured four wheel drive- all of which she will be used to. She will be armed with a smartphone, a tablet and an uninterrupted access to the internet and her mission will be to provide quick counter responses to any anti-government tweets.

The appointment of honourable Hana Tetteh to this new portfolio is expected to silence the critics who continually accuse the president of putting round pegs in square holes.

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