Horace Ankrah appointed presidential fitness instructor

Mr. Horace I-Stopped-My-Car-In-The-Middle-Of-A-Busy-Highway-To-Instruct-A-Trotro-Driver-To-Do-Press-Ups Ankrah, the master illusionist famed for turning GHC34 into $35 has been appointed as the presidential fitness instructor, according to reports.

As part of his new role, Mr. Ankrah is expected to lead daily fitness training sessions for the president and his cabinet members, but one Flagstaff House insider has expressed concerns about Mr. Ankrah’s ability to perform a single military standard press-up given his size. “This man punishing a trotro driver for breaking road traffic rules, would he be able to raise his belly off the floor if we asked him to do press-ups for stopping his car in the middle of the highway?”

Several Flagstaff House insiders have however welcomed the appointment and are said to be impressed by Mr. Ankrah’s unconventional training techniques but cautioned him to tweak his methods once he assumes his new role as the presidential fitness instructor.  

“Horace’s methods are certainly unorthodox- having an offending trotro driver do press-ups on filthy pavements next to fast moving traffic- but you can’t have the President doing press-ups for every rule or promise he breaks. Otherwise Mr. President will end up with biceps as big and heavy as the Nayele’s handbag and we don’t want that,” remarked an insider.

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