Hundreds of goats turn up at ‘Thank You Prez’ march in Kumasi

Hundreds of goats have taken part in a march to highlight the achievements of the leader who has recently described himself as a “dead goat.”

According to the goats who marched through the principal streets of Kumasi, “the president’s achievements are so gargantuan that people are unable to see hence they felt the need to take to the streets to highlight them.” Some of the goats carried placards which read “meeh meeehhh I don’t know why I’m hhheeerre meeehh”.

Others also demonstrated the gargantuan improvements in their socio-economic standing by stopping over at KFC for lunch.



The organiser of the march, who were extremely pleased with the turn out, added that “the march clearly separates the goats from the sheep; and we are obviously the goats here.”

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