I Got The Cars From Santa Claims Adisco Headmaster

The outgoing headmaster of Adisadel College, Rev. Herbert Graham has reportedly issued a statement in an attempt to end the controversy surrounding the four vehicles that may or may not be a gift.

The statement released this morning refuted earlier reports in the media alleging that Rev. Graham had said the four vehicles were bought for him by the college’s Parent Teacher Association as part of his retirement package. He however claimed the vehicles were given to him by Adisadel’s most famous old boy! No not Sam Jonah but the good old Santa Claus, after whom all the other old boys of the college are collectively named.

The statement read, “The four nicely decorated vehicles – Nissan Xterra, Ford Explorer, BMW four wheel drive and the Opel saloon car that were left outside the auditorium during my retirement service were my Christmas presents from Santa Claus. I sent him a wish list last December asking for just one car. I had been a good boy all year. I had taken no brown envelops and I had worked tirelessly towards the development of Adisadel College. Luckily for me, Father Christmas in all his benevolence decided to gift me with four cars as a show of his appreciation for my good deeds. I must confess it was a big and pleasant surprise. Four cars is a bit too much but I cannot refuse this gift as that would be rude.”

A copy of the statement was sent to the president of the PTA, who immediately issued a statement apologising to the outgoing headmaster: “Please accept our unreserved apology for any embarrassment caused by our earlier statement to the media. We are happy this issue has been resolved and we imagine you are happy too, seeing that Christmas has come early or rather late for you, depending on how you look at it.”

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