‘I have intercepted documents which proves soli isn’t bribe’- Kweku Baako

Senior journalist and ace documents-interceptor Kweku Baako says he has in his possession documents proving that soli is not bribery.

Although Mr. Baako refused to name the origin of the documents, he maintains that “the intercepted documents are as credible as a journalist who’s just pocketed GHC 1000 from a politician.”

According to the seasoned journalist, extracts from the intercepted documents states that: “being on the payroll of a politician does not in any way affect a journalist’s credibility.” He was hopeful that the contents of the intercepted documents will vindicate all the senior journalists who eagerly accepted envelopes containing GHC 1000 from the Chief of Staff after a meeting at the Flagstaff House.

The intercepted documents also stated that “nobody gives or offers a bribe in the open and before a multitude.” This statement, according to Mr. Baako, was further proof that the “soli incident” at the Flagstaff House could not have been of bribery.

The popular journalist also added that he “will do well to intercept other documents to prove that the monies extracted from trotro drivers at police checkpoints aren’t bribes since the act is always done in the full view of trotro occupants.”

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