“It may or may not rain tomorrow,” says Ghana’s top weatherman

Ghana’s chief meteorologist has delivered a confident forecast ahead of tomorrow’s Independence Day celebrations: “It may or may not rain.”

The public announcement of this bold prediction is an attempt by the Meteorological Agency to restore public confidence after the agency’s failure to accurately predict the torrential rains that nearly marred last year’s Independence Day parade. “We got it wrong last year but this time it’s a sure banker,” said the confident forecaster.

The chief weatherman said the nation’s best meteorologists have pored over scores of data and can confidently predict that “we may or may not have rain during the course of the day.”

The office of the president has responded to the announcement with the purchase of a few heavy duty umbrellas for tomorrow’s parade. “We’ll take the umbrellas along because these met officials and the predictions are just as unreliable as we are,” remarked a Flagstaff House official.

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