It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane… It’s SuperGhanaman!

Exactly a week after a meteorite slammed into a bridge on the Tema motorway, a superhero named SuperGhanaman, has reportedly emerged from the crater caused by the 4 tonne cosmic rock.

The superhero purportedly informed the gathered crowd he is a force for good and is in Sikaman to fight and defeat his arch enemy, Kuruptor and his henchmen, The Honourables.

Eyewitnesses also reported that SuperGhanaman sported a Superman-like costume and seemingly possesses incredible superpowers similar to that of Superman. Apart from the ability to fly, SuperGhanaman, has X-ray vision and super hearing abilities, aiding him to see, hear and expose Kuruptor and his henchmen.

SuperGhanaman, although incredibly strong, has one weakness- Kuruptonite. Kuruptonite is a radioactive element made up of ignorance and apathy. When exposed to this element, SuperGhanaman becomes immensely weak and helpless. Although Kuruptor has no superpowers, he uses his cunning henchmen- The Honourables, as well as Kuruptonite to fight SuperGhanaman.

The Honourables, like their master, are gravely concerned about the sighting of this superhero and are believed to have convened an emergency meeting at The House, the hotbed of white-collar crime and double-dealing.

A photographer from Getty Images who was at the scene of the impact on the Tema motorway captured images of a group of individuals, who arrived in a convoy and may or may not be Kuruptor’s henchmen, looking skywards and pointing menacingly at SuperGhanaman, the saviour of Sikaman.

YesiYesi Ghana will bring you the rest of this incredibly exciting story as it unfolds.

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