Leaky Job 600 forces MPs to carry buckets to work

The few MPs who bother to turn up to work have been advised to carry buckets with them after reports emerged that the recently refurbished Job 600 building has developed leaky roofs.

Reports suggest that the refurbished building which has 252 offices for Members of Parliament is in desparate need of repair works barely a month after an $87 million refurbishment work was completed. The statement which was released by this morning said many MPs will not be affected by the leaking roofs and broken down elevators because “many of the legislator hardly turn up for work.”

One excited Member of Parliament who has spent more time in his mistress’ bed than in his office has welcomed the report, also suggesting that Job 6oo’s leaky roofs and faulty elevators are good excuses for him and his fellow legislators to continue playing truancy. “Now we don’t have to show our faces at Job 600 and pretend to be reading through the bills before the house. We can spend the time in our constituencies sharing free sandals and digiboxes.”

A spokesperson for the China State Hualong Construction Company Limited- the company responsible for the refurbishment of Job 600, said they were satisfied with the quality of the workmanship, adding that “shoddy MPs deserved shoddy offices.”