‘Junior journalists’ call for greater transparency in ‘soli’ pricing

Disgruntled ‘junior journalists’ have called for more fairness and greater transparency in bribery soli pricing after certain ‘senior journalists’ received as much as GHC 1000 in soli fees.

Reports of the mega soli package paid to the senior journalists have caused a stir among the junior ranks who claim their soli packages are always “much less.” A spokesman for the junior journalists described the soli pricing policy as “unfair and biased,” and also accused senior journalists of “acting as a cartel to drive up their soli fees at the expense of the juniors.”

The current soli pricing has created a two-tier workforce within the journalism fraternity even though both sets of journalists do the same job. “We do exactly the same job. We all write lousy articles. We all do a good job at misreporting stories and yet we are on different soli rates,” lamented one displeased junior journalist from a popular radio station in Accra.

The agitation has also caused concerns among a number of politicians who argue that a new and clearer guideline on soli rates will be needed, especially in the run up to the general elections. “We need a clearer categorisation of the juniors and seniors. And we also need to know how much soli to pay the members of each category so we can factor that into our campaign budgets,” explained one prominent politician.

Another politician called for calm and a swift resolution of the dispute. “This issue needs to be resolved immediately because soli is an important part of the Ghanaian media landscape. Soli is as much a part of our journalism as bad grammar, plagiarism and misleading headlines.”

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