KNUST Offers Rubbish Degrees


The Chairperson of the Council of State, Cecilia Johnson last week inaugurated a world class academic institution to train and stimulate the minds of the nation’s next generation of rubbish collectors.

Dubbed the MIT of Ghana, KNUST-African Institute of Sanitation and Waste Management (K-AISWAM), was born from a collaboration between the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and Zoomlion Company Limited.

The task of this institution will touch on areas of great impact for the Ghanaian society such as training the young rubbish academics in very complex academic endeavours like the use of rubbish bins. Other research topics will address the mind-boggling question of how debris dredged from the open gutters and piled up half a foot away always end up back in the gutters when it rains.

Graduates from this world class academic institution will be expected to live up to the establishment’s motto “Let No One Rubbish Your Dreams” and to move on to achieve greater things with their rubbish degrees.

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