KNUST To Start Charging Pavement Tolls

The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) is allegedly planning to start charging pavement tolls weeks after the University of Ghana commenced its controversial road toll system.

A statement purported to have been released by the council of the university warned that “the university will soon commence charging individuals for walking on pavements within the university. The pavement toll is being introduced not to further burden students and the general public but to help recoup the GHC 52 million loan the university acquired to rehabilitate and construct the pavements on its campus.”

Defending the introduction of the toll, the council argued that “if the University of Ghana can charge road tolls for the use of its roads then KNUST should not be prevented from charging similar tolls for the use of pavements within the university’s walls.”

The statement explained that a special task force will be set up to enforce the system. The task force will roam the university’s campus issuing pavement users with tickets.

A toll ticket will be valid for 24 hours and will be priced according to the sole of an individual’s footwear. Flip flops and other footwear with flat soles will incur a charge of GHC 1, while wedge sole shoes will attract a charge of GHC 2. A special 20% discount will be given to those with worn out soles.

Ladies with stiletto heels will however incur a high charge of GHC 5 as pavements experts say those cause the most damage to pavements.

The Students Representatives Council (SRC) of the university is reportedly preparing to issue a statement concerning this new development.

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