Let’s play ministerial musical chairs

Ghanaians are reportedly brimming with excitement as the drama unfolds in the recent edition of the popular game show, Ministerial Musical Chairs.

The game show which is hosted by the the popular MC, John, involves a selected number of honourables dancing around a set of chairs. Like the usual musical chairs children play at birthday parties, the number of chairs is one less than the number of players. On this game show however, the honourables are required to dance around the chairs to the a special tune entitled, “edey be k3k3.” Once the music stops, these honourables have to grab the seat closest to them. Whoever fails to grab a seat is eliminated.

Instead of taking out a chair each time an honourable is eliminated, the MC randomly throws a new face into the mix, which means the number of chairs and honourables remain the same throughout the duration of the game.

With this exciting game show, everyone who manages to grab a chair is a winner. Each is given a pot of gold. Some spend it on lavish lifestyles while others spend it on their audience, but how you choose to spend your pot of gold does not affect your chances of getting a seat in the next round. Obtaining a seat in this particular game is merely determined by your closeness to a chair when the music stops.

With millions of Ghanaians following proceedings, this game show is believed to be the most popular show in the country. One enthusiastic follower of the show who spoke to us said, “this is extremely exciting to watch. It reminds me of that popular saying errrrrr…..’out with the old, in with the old.’

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