Local think tank to release ‘Stupidity Perception Index’ for MPs and other public officials

From ‘dwarfs causing the Cedi’s fall’ through ‘fufu causes cancer’ to ‘stoning women accused of adultery,’ the utterances of Ghanaian public officials have been anything but witty.

A local think tank has taken on the mantle of highlighting the follies of our ‘honourables’ with a Corruption Perception Index style ranking.

The Stupidity Perceptions Index will rank MPs, MMDCEs, Ministers of State and other public officials based on a 100-point ‘stupidity perception’ scale, where zero equals a ‘highly stupid’ perception and 100 means the individual is perceived to be clever, judging by one’s public utterances.

According to the ranking, the public officials responsible for the ‘dwarfs-Cedi’ and ‘stoning’ statements will score close to zero suggesting these two officials are as low as their statements.

The head of the think tank explained that ‘the statements which formed the basis of the ranking were obtained from utterances on radio and television.’ He hinted that this will, in the future, extend to utterances made on any of the popular social media platforms.

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