Mahama And The Seven Dwarfs…Prelude To SOTNGhana Review


The circumstances surrounding the postponement of the President’s State of The Nation Address from the original date of Thursday, February 20, 2014, has been revealed hours after the president actually delivered his address in parliament.

It is alleged that the dwarfs – the same ones causing the depreciation of the cedi, were responsible for the disappearance of the president’s original speech forcing him to postpone the mandatory event to today, February 25, 2014.

Insiders say the original speech contained sections of a report written by a group of highly qualified economists who have been able to prove that dwarfs indeed caused the rapid depreciation of the Ghanaian cedi and Zimbabwean dollar. The documents which would have exposed these unscrupulous dwarfs and vindicated the president and his economic management team, mysteriously vanished from the Flagstaff House early last week compelling the president to postpone his appearance before parliament.

One security operative at the president’s residence claimed to have seen a group of dwarfs munching on the said documents. He also claimed that the dwarfs gave him a message which read: “Yes we the dwarfs are responsible for the free-falling cedi, but the people of Ghana cannot know this. We therefore plead with the president to take full responsibility for the state of the economy. He can partly blame past administrations also, but whatever he does, he cannot mention our existence to the people of Ghana. If he does this for us, then we promise to restore the cedi back to a healthy state.”

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