Mahama Is a Hammah


In an exclusive interview, Madam Akosua Nimo, grandmother of the former deputy communication minister, disclosed that Vicky Hammah and President Mahama were siblings! She explained that the President’s mother, Abena Kupor, was her (Akosua Nimo) direct sister. “Victoria is a sister of John Mahama, because Abena Kupor is the mother of John Mahama, who is my sister.”

It is believed the president was named John Hammah at birth, but the name John Mahama surprisingly appeared on his birth certificate because of a mix up by a secretary at the Department of Births and Deaths who suffers from a severe case spelling impairment. Attempts to rectify this error proved futile, hence he hang on to Mahama which does not sound too far off his original name Hammah.

Madam Nimo is alleged to have expressed surprise at the fact that Ghanaians have not recognised the striking resemblance between the president and his sister, the former deputy minister.

It is a small world indeed!


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