Mahama promises to promise promising promises to end dumsor

Promisedent John Dramani Mahama has reiterated his commitment to end the long-standing electricity crisis with a “promise to promise promising promises to end dumsor some day.”

The latest promise was delivered over the weekend– only a few weeks before the government’s self-imposed deadline.

A statement released from the Flagstaff House said, “We promise the good people of Ghana to promise promising promises to end the dumsor one day. We cannot say exactly when but you can be sure it’ll be done just in time for the elections next year.”

“The promisedent promises to promise more promising promises and the promises he promises are surely promising,” the statement ended.

The journalists present said they were not as confused by the tongue twister as they were by the promisedent’s promising promises.

The FSH also urged Ghanaians to upload videos of themselves reciting the “promisedent’s promising tongue twister” on their social media platforms. “The individual who is able to repeat the tongue twister in the shortest time will be invited to Karpower barges welcome party.”