Man using Google Earth finds remains of pension money buried in pockets of individuals

A 27 year old man messing about with Google Earth on his laptop has reportedly found a rare collection of looted artefacts buried deep inside the pockets of a number of individuals.

Initial studies by archeological experts say the find is likely to be the remains of funds belonging to Ghanaman’s tier two pension scheme, whose exact location has been something of a mystery.

The young man who made the discovery said he accidental homed in on a sight within the Isle of Flagstaff House, an ancient settlement known to hold remains of booty from Ogyakrom. “I accidentally zoomed in on that particular settlement. A closer look left me convinced that the substances buried inside the pockets were indeed remains of some sort of booty.”

“I wasn’t surprised when the experts told me those remains could well be that of Ghanaman’s tier two pension scheme.”

Archeological experts are calling this a significant find and hope this could help explain why the Isle of Flagstaff House still refuses to relinquish full control of Ghanaman’s tier two pension scheme.

Archeologists confirmed they are seeking permission to excavate the sight to be able to study the remains in greater detail.

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