Meet Ted- Ghana’s Latest Presidential Candidate

Charles De Gaulle once said, I have come to the conclusion that politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians. And it appears that the many disillusioned Ghanaian voters concur.

Fortunately for these voters, after decades of deceit, broken promises and unfulfilled dreams, a new candidate has emerged in the 2016 presidential race who offers Ghanaians a real chance to boot politicians out of politics once and for all.

The new candidate who goes only by the name “Ted” is a teddy bear! This cute, cuddly presidential hopeful belongs to the new Volta Regional Minister, Hellen Adjoa Ntosoo, who was seen cuddling the teddy bear at a press conference earlier this week.

Ted, who will be entering the race as an independent candidate will run a campaign based on the issue of mending Ghana’s broken heart.

Ted’s presidential campaign will be known as the “VoTed Campaign” and will have the slogan, “I VoTed Politicians Out!”

The “VoTed Campaign” theme song will be an amended version of Whitney Houston’s hit single, “Where Do Broken Hearts Go.” YesiYesi Ghana has obtained an exclusive copy of this song. Below are the lyrics for the chorus:

“Where do broken hearts go
Can they find their way to Ted
Back to the open arms
Of a love that’s waiting there
And if politicians love you
Won’t they always love you
I look in your eyes
And I know that you VoTed!”

The “VoTed Campaign” determined to wrestle power from the politicians is asking for volunteers to help with the door-to-door campaign. They also called on all Ghanaians who wish for real change to join the online campaign. Hashtag #VoTed on Twitter and on Facebook to show your support for Ted!

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