‘Missing’ Ajet considers return after fellow corrupt judges received slap on the wrist

inJustice Ajet Nassam, the scandal-scarred High Court judge who went “missing” amid the judicial bribery debacle is reportedly considering a return to Ghana after fellow corrupt judges got off with light punishments.

Speaking from a coded location somewhere behind the anointing water bottling plant inside the Synagogue Church of All Nations, inJustice Nassam said he has been “encouraged” by the leniency with which the other thieves have been treated. “It looks like a good time to return to Ghana. It is hugely encouraging to see that my partners in crime got off with a slap on the wrist.”

Earlier this week, the Chief Justice Georgina Wood announced at a press conference that 2 out of the 20 lower court judges who had been implicated in the famous undercover investigative documentary by Anas Aremeyaw will receive full entitlements because they had shown “remorse.”

inJustice Nassam, who was captured in the undercover video taking a bribe of GHC16,000 to tilt the scale of justice, thanked Ghanaians for being “incredibly forgiving,” adding that “you can rob Ghanaians blind and they will still forgive you if you just feign remorse. Ghana is definitely the best place to be a thief.”