‘My Spokespersons do not speak to me’ – President Mahama

President Mahama has lamented purposefully that his spokespersons do not speak with him before speaking on his behalf. In an exclusive interview with YesiYesi’s presidential correspondent, Afia Yentierebia Asare, the President expressed his displeasure with how quickly those who purport to speak for him rush to do so without first aligning with him.

He recounted how the former Information Minister and former Deputy Education Minister and former Sports Minister and now Environment, Science & Technology Minister, Mahama Ayariga rushed to the radio stations to deny that the President had prior knowledge of Andrew Solomon before the launch of his (the President’s) bookMy First Coup d’état, in the United States. Just the morning after, the minister issued a statement: “I denied any prior close relationship between the two of them. Subsequently it has come to my knowledge that this is not entirely accurate”, adding that that President John Mahama did in fact have a formal relationship with Andrew Solomon. In that instance, the President complained, just a call from Ayariga to him would have prevented the embarrassing situation.

President Mahama was reacting to the diatribe from Alhaji Halidu Haruna and Stephen Atubiga in response to Lydia Forson’s open letter dubbed “Hope for the Last Kid”. The President, almost sounding biblical, asked the two spokespersons to “weep for themselves and not for me”.

On the intended dumsor vigil scheduled for 16 May 2015, President Mahama gave it a thumbs up and promised to be there himself to join the march with his specially-branded Better Ghana lantern.

“How can I sit unconcerned when concerned citizens come onto the streets to express concern about what concerns them? I must be there to commiserate with their concern.

“I am a big fan of Sarkodie and I would love to meet him. So I intend to join the march to kill two stones with one bird, and to collect his autograph,” the President added.

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