NADMO officials have numeracy skills of a 5 year old, study reveals

A recent study has concluded that the officials in charge of the nation’s disaster management and relief efforts have numeracy skills of a child aged 5 years or younger. 

The result of the study means officials  of the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) would struggle to count up to 100. This, according to the study, explains why officials are struggling to say exactly how many people lost their lives in last Wednesday’s disaster. 

“It’s been almost a week after the tragic event at the Goil Fuel Station and these officials still cannot say how exactly many people perished in the explosion. Some say 100 people died, others counted 200 and others 220. Now it’s clear that these people can’t count,” remarked the head of the study. 

The shocking findings also found similarly low levels of numeracy skills among officials of the Accra Metropolitan Authority, the National Fire Service, the Police Service and other relief agencies.