National Archives ready to receive Dzamefe Report

The Public Records and Archives Department says its dust coated shelves are ready to welcome Justice Dzamafe’s report as soon as “the president has had a few more photo opportunities with the long overdue World Cup report.”

An assessment by the national archives concluded that the Dzamefe Committee report is worthy of a permanent place in the department’s storeroom. A source within the department said “fears that the Dzamefe Report could lead to the indictment and prosecution of some officials is enough to earn the 400-page report a place on our dusty shelves.”

Our source revealed the Dzamefe Committee report which will arrive at the national archives “very shortly” is expected to be housed alongside a stack of dust covered files labelled: “The Senchi Consensus.” He explained that the Dzamefe Report will be in good company, “sharing a shelve with other long-winded committee reports, communiques and proposals that have long been forgotten by Ghanaians.”

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