National Security Operatives To Demolish ECG Offices

National Security operatives are allegedly preparing to launch a nationwide operation to demolish the offices of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

The decision to demolish ECG’s offices was taken after a security appraisal by experts at the National Security concluded that the constant power outages caused by the general incompetence of ECG’s management team posed a viable threat to the security and sovereignty of Ghana.

A National Security insider reportedly revealed that “anything that causes Ghanaians to be unhappy will be considered as a threat to the national security. So just as a toll booth at the University of Ghana was demolished because we deemed it as a nuisance to Ghanaians, we will handout similar retribution to the Electricity Company of Ghana.”

“And this is only the beginning! Any other non-performing public institution should be in no doubt that we will not hesitate to come down hard on them if they consistently fail the good people of Ghana.”

This impending operation by the National Security will be seen by many as a response to the announcement on Wednesday confirming that there will be more power cuts after Ghanaians were promised uninterrupted power supply for the rest of the year.

When queried about how the Electricity Company of Ghana can supply electricity if their offices are demolished, the National Security insider retorted, “supply what?! The only thing they supply is darkness, and Ghanaians can get that without ECG’s help!”

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