NDC and NPP to replace logos with ostrich and crab respectively

The executives of both the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the largest opposition party, the National Patriotic Party (NPP), have agreed to alter the logos of their respective parties to reflect the values and standards of it’s current leaders.

The leaders of the NDC agreed to replace the eagle on top of the multicoloured umbrella with an ostrich. A statement from the party said, “the eagle is visionary, strong and protective of it’s offsprings- ideals which cannot be to attributed to our current leadership. The ostrich rather makes an apt representation of our leadership- they bury their heads deeply in the sand while the nation rapidly descends towards ruin.”

The opposition party, NPP, also decided to swap their iconic elephant for a crab. “The current crop of leaders do not represent the strength and determination of an elephant,” a statement said. “The constant bickering and infighting among the party hierarchy is more representative of crabs, hence our new logo.”

This new development means Ghanaians will be faced with the very unenviable task of choosing between bickering crabs and clueless ostriches at the next elections. “It is like choosing between a rock and a hard place,” remarked one concerned Ghanaian.

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