New Ministry of Lip Service to deal with delayed barges as gov’t falters on promise

The president has created a new ministry to deal with the public backlash following government’s failure to keep its promise to acquire two emergency power barges by the middle of this month.

A source at the Flagstaff House said the new Ministry of Lip Service will be at the forefront of government’s efforts “to use fact-bending, misdirection, half-truths, and downright lies” to deceive Ghanaians into believing that those at the helm are working for the the ordinary man on the street and to ensure that government continues to make promises it does not intend to keep.”

The new ministry’s broad mandate will involve the coordination of all governmental efforts to pay lip service to the myriad of challenges facing ordinary Ghanaians but its immediate task is to liaise with the recently created Ministry of Power to continue doing no more than paying lip service to the nation’s energy crisis “until the campaigning season kicks off.” Our source said “the mid April deadline was only thrown out there because that was exactly what the public wanted to hear,” adding that the new ministry’s duty is to keep shifting the deadline until the campaigning season kicks off. He explained that “the emergency barges will be delivered during the campaigning season when the government is faced with an electioneering emergency.”

He also disclosed that the president’s nominee to head the new ministry will soon appear before Parliament’s Appointment Committee, hinting that the minister designate “has had a lot of experience working as a class prefect in his nursery school days.”