New national service postings released, all personnel to be trained as ghost busters

The National Service Secretariat (NSS) has reportedly released a new list of National Service postings for the 2014/2015 service year.

According to the official statement, all national service personnel will be withdrawn from their current postings to begin training as “professional ghost busters.” Personnel will undergo a rigorous 7 day training session that will equip them to be able to hunt down the over 20,000 ghosts that are invaded the secretariat.

The mass redeployment has become necessary after paranormal investigators found the offices of the NSS to be haunted by spirits linked to the ancient god of deceit, Imoro. Investigators warned that the over 20, 000 ghosts at the NSS are rapidly multiplying and they threaten to overwhelm the entire nation if there are any delays in the training and deployment the ghost busters.

Officials at NSS confirmed that all national service personnel will, after completion of the ghost buster training, receive a high-tech equipment capable of capturing ghosts. To further motivate personnel, each ghost captured will be rewarded with sums of  the money, smocks, laptops and goats.


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