New Patriotic Party (NPP) to be renamed Machete People’s Party (MPP)

The executives of the largest opposition party in Ghana, the New Patriotic Party (NPP), have agreed to change the name of the party after a bloody emergency meeting at the party’s headquarters.

Under the new directive, this party which prides itself as civil and democratic will be renamed, the Machete People’s Party (MPP). The famous blue elephant will also be replaced with a knife and the new party motto will be ‘2016: Ghana’s Bloody Alternative.’ A party executive revealed that this move is part of a larger strategy to position the party as a better alternative to the ruling National Democratic Party. “The Ghanaian voter can see that this party is ready to take office. We offer a better alternative and today’s events have clearly confirmed that we are the only bloody alternative,” remarked one excited party executive.

The MPP will also continue in the tradition of the NPP, a party which counts itself as a party of technocrats and intellectuals. To this end, all future leadership positions within the MPP will be open only to persons working as professional butchers and other persons with exceptional machete handling skills.

According to the party, the launch of the new name and logo will take place at the premises of the Accra Abattoir on a later date.



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