New Scheme To Ease Traffic In Accra

It is true when they say help comes from unexpected places, and in this particular instance, from the most unexpected place. The residents of Accra who consistently bemoan the impenetrable traffic congestion in the city can breathe easy, help is on the way!

The smart cookies at the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA)  and the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) have allegedly devised a scheme to ease vehicular traffic within major parts of the capital. The Vehicular Traffic Load Shedding Scheme, is the product of years of high level planning between the metropolitan authority and ECG- the nation’s most loved corporate entity.

The scheme which will be rolled out on a month’s trial basis, will involve regulating the number of cars allowed into Accra’s commercial district based on a colour code. The colour of a vehicle will determine if it will be allowed or refused entry into the heart of the city. A carefully drawn up timetable produced by scheduling experts at the Electricity Company of Ghana clearly outlines what colour vehicles will be allowed into the city on a particular day.

A copy of the timetable has been published below to alert drivers on when they can and cannot drive into the city.



Explaining the scheme, an insider at ECG said, “Like the dumsor timetable, we have invested a lot of time into making this as straightforward as possible. On a Monday for example, between 0600-1800 hrs, only red coloured vehicles will be allowed into the central district of the city and between 1800 hrs Monday evening and 0600 hrs Tuesday morning, only brown vehicles will be allowed in. If you have a multicoloured vehicle, we will go with the most predominant colour on the vehicle.”

Questioned about vehicle colours not captured on the timetable, he retorted, “Tough luck! It’s either you repaint your vehicles to fit the scheme or you park your car at home. Simple!”





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