Newspaper review continued–Seeing Red – HEZOOOOOH

Seeing Red – HEZOOOOOH.

The visit by Professor Attahiru Jega, the former Electoral Commissioner of Nigeria who oversaw the elections that removed Goodluck Jonathan and re inserted Buhari as President, has been quite rightly shunned and shunted to the back burner by Ghana’s Electoral Commission (EC). Some people rain on your parade, throw sand in your eba. Same difference. Complex carbohydrates. This Jega character has made matters HEZOOOOOH, that is Ghana english for hazy, as in seeing red, in harmattan conditions.

Goodluck Jonathan was our brother, tight one. As in the relationship between the pay out desk at our Finance Ministry and Engineers and Planning (E&P), led by Ibrahim Mahama, brother of President Mahatma. Goodluck allowed Ghana to access gas supplies from Nigeria for months, without paying a kobo, thus running up a healthy bill … the Buhari person comes along and not only insists on back payments, he seems to want assurances, cast in US dollars, that IF the gas tap is to be turned back on in the future, Ghana can pony up. Hard cash as in green bucks.

Let us explain further with a local equivalent. Government of Ghana allows the President’s brother to borrow equipment that he promptly re brands with his company’s logo (E&P) to dredge – did he finish? – a notorious open drain that the government should have dredged long ago but didn’t because the saps who live in and around there will vote for them anyways. E&P does this dredging for free – was it? – and then returns the government equipment – was it only used for the freebie job? – amidst much local media fanfare. Followed soon after by a decent rain and the said open recently dredged drain filling up, again, to the max and adding further to floods in Accra. Are your eyes sufficiently clouded?

Back to matters of state. And our non-cooperative neighbours. Has the harmattan and the resultant red eyes not hit Naija yet? What is the old slim line agbada wearing debt collector’s problem? Seriously, Buhari should try wearing a Ghanaian fugu, a much looser traditional garb that allows your hands all manner of room to receive and store away funds. With or without your brother’s help. Fugus also allow slow elegant dancing up top whilst down below your feet churn up enough dust to make reality HEZOOOOOH.

Jega, the fire breathing spoiler. Inspite of the billions that was apparently paid out to ministers, delegates and the such, this Jega person still found it necessary to apply cold hard logic to remove our brother, Goodluck and allow the bespectacled no nonsense former military strong man back into power. Now, we can’t access freebie Naija gas, Christmas is in 2 weeks, the elections are coming up and we are all supposed to see the light … literally. If you can see your way clearly through the politically generated storm, then you understand now, how and why our independent Electoral Commissioner- nominated by the President on advice from elders who the President hand selects – is seeing red about Jega. Can you still see? Good.

Having budgeted millions of tax payer and donor cash for December 2016 without anticipating and including a new voters register or the possibility of yet another run off, the prospect of Jega talking rough rough in Ghana on how to downsize, fund and run an efficient election that can oust an incumbent government bloated with oil revenues is making the EC feel like …… HEZOOOOOH.

It is not as if we don’t have the money. Our Parliament with the minority in full HEZOOOOOH has agreed on the insistence of the government to pay a non-existent shell company headquartered in a slum in Dubai an additional $290 million for 10 gas turbines we could have bought directly from the supplier for much cheaper. Of course we have money to burn. Literally. Especially in he harmattan where dry red eyes are matching with our dry pre-Christmas personal coffers and the national economy in perpetual red.

The man who represented the non-existent company who provided the expensive generators — ‘sold/leased/borrowed/ free on loan – whatever (the Ministry of Power will provide an explanation later) is wanted in Norway and other such places for fraud and more … who cares to know. Harmattan HEZOOOOOH.

YesiYesi reporting live and red eyed, who needs eye clearing drops from Norway, we prefer locally made Parliament approved HEZOOOOOH. Minus the clear eyed Jega.