NPP Primaries: Losers seek refund of filing and dev’t fees

As the rest of the nation wrangles over the capacity of a 22 year old adult to represent her people in parliament, many of NPP’s defeated parliamentary aspirants have launched a battle to seek a refund of their filing and development fees.

According to a party source, a number of big-name casualties from the weekend’s parliamentary primaries are leading the calls for this refund. One of the defeated incumbents who described the fees as extortionate said: “I have been an MP all my working life. I thought I’ll have this seat for life but these youngsters have suddenly ended my reign. I now have to step into the real world and get a real job. It will be nice if the party refunds some of the fee to help us settle back into life as ordinary citizens.”

The group of defeated aspirants argue that at least 50 percent of the fees paid should be refunded to them. Aspirants who contested the party’s parliamentary primaries in constituencies with sitting MPs were required to pay GHC30,000. GHC10,000 out of the total amount covered the filing fees while the remainder paid for the development fee. Incumbent MPs were however exempted from paying the development fees.

Other members of the group are believed to be pushing for a refund of more than just the filing and development fees. One such defeated aspirant revealed he “will be going to the homes of delegates to retrieve the laptops, flat screen TVs and mobile phones” he gave them. He said the delegates took the “gifts” with a promise to vote for him but he now wants his items returned since the delegates failed to keep their promise. “They can keep the bags of rice and the cooking oil but I want all the other things back,” he added.


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