NSS ghosts claim to be more visible than the VEEP

Invisibility is usually an attribute of ghosts rather than human beings, but the ghosts who were recently captured at the National Service Secretariat (NSS) claim Vice President Amissah-Arthur is more invisible than they are.

“It is remarkable that a man can remain so invisible in this our Ghana. He even makes us question our ghostness,” remarked one of the many ghosts living inside the National Service Scheme payroll.

Paranormal investigators contracted by YesiYesi Ghana to study Mr. Amissah-Arthur also concluded that the former Bank of Ghana boss does exhibit ghostly attributes. Investigators highlighted his exceptional ability to stay generally invisible since assuming office in 2012, something the ghosts at the NSS failed to achieve. “He does the ghost thing better than the ghosts themselves. He’s hardly heard or seen,” said the investigation report.

Investigators said the Vice President’s ghostly attributes explains why his name has hardly come up for blame or praise in the dealings of the scandal-prone Mahama administration.

“Like a ghost he makes the occasional appearance to Ghanaians. The Vice President is more of a ghost than the NSS ghosts. Maybe they can learn a thing or two from him,” concluded the investigation report.

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