Numbers Chapter 1- Hanna’s Prayer

1. And on the first day of the seventh month during the second year of the reign of John III, the great ruler of Dumsorkrom


2. A few young men and women gathered and marched towards the royal palace to pray John III to end the economic tribulations and afflictions that has beset the nation.


3. Few they were and so were their demands. They demanded from John III not silver and gold, but mere bread and water. Bread and water is all they demanded.


4. But Hanna, a servant of John III, sitting upon her high horse cast her eyes down upon the gathering and mocked them,


5. “Your numbers are few, you deserve not the king’s attention,” she mocked.


6. “Ye may scream and shout from sunrise till sunset, but I shall mock you and not heed your plea.


7. Ye may tweet and occupy, but because thy numbers are few, we shall close our eyes and pretend not to see or hear thee.


8. We hear thee cry about the darkness but thy numbers are few, so we shall mock you.


9. By our deeds thy livelihoods lay in ruins, but we will ignore your cry because thy numbers are few.


10. We acknowledge that my duty is to serve thee, young and old, man and woman, the many and the few. But we will just ignore thee and make mockery of thy plight. We shall sit upon our high horses and ignore your cries because we care not.”

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