Nzulezu elders accuse AMA of copyright breach

The rulers and elders of Nzulezu in the western region, have fired a stern warning to the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), accusing the city’s residents and officials of breaching copyright laws.

The people of this village argue that Nzulezu is the only Ghanaian community permitted to build a settlement on water, hence any attempts by any other community to replicate this unique form of settlement will be vehemently opposed by the people of Nzulezu.

“We have always prided ourselves as the only community in Ghana with houses on water. But now, we have reason to believe that the AMA and other authorities in Accra are trying to copy our unique form of settlement. Every year, between April and July, we see pictures of buildings in the nation’s capital surrounded by water, just like we have here. We are have been reliably informed that what is happening in Accra are no ordinary floods. They are just failed attempts by the AMA to turn Accra into the new Nzulezu,” one village elder argued.

Another also expressed concerns that tourism, which forms a big part of the local economy, will take a massive hit if AMA is allowed to turn Accra into a community built on water. “This is a worrying development because it is killing the tourism industry here. Very soon all the tourists will stop visiting Nzulezu. They will jump off the plane at Kotoka and right before them in Accra, there will be this new community built on water. They will stop coming here!”

A young man from the Nzulezu community who spoke to our reporter said he refuses to believe that the events in Accra are just floods caused by the poorly maintained sewage system. “Oh these are not floods. Do you think all the educated people living in Accra and all these university degree holders working at AMA will allow their city and properties to be destroyed by floods every single year because of choked gutters? These city people are smart you know, they are only using the ‘floods’ as an excuse to cover up their plans to build a new Nzulezu in Accra.”

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