Oko Vanderpuije builds replica Noah’s Ark to save Accra residents from flood

The mayor of Ghana’s capital city Alfred Oko Vanderpuije has reportedly built a replica of the biblical Noah’s Ark following a dream that his beloved city would once again be flooded in the coming weeks.

The vessel which has been built to the dimensions specified in the book of Genesis and currently docked on a heavily flooded road next to the Kaneshie Market will provide shelter for those severely affected by the disaster.

Honourable Vanderpuije who recently named Africa’s best mayor of the year maintained the floods had nothing to do with his outfit’s inability to improve the city’s drainage and sewage systems. “I had a dream that my beloved Accra will be flooded and it had nothing to do with the poor sewage systems. These floods may actually be a blessing in disguise.”

He revealed plans to transform the vessel into a multi-purpose facility. “Apart from providing shelter for displaced persons, the ark will also sail residents of Accra to work if commercial drivers decide to call another strike any time during this raining season.”

The mayor also assured officials of DVLA that his vessel is fully equipped with seat belts to ensure the safety of all passengers.

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