Only a week more till another scandal grabs your attention- judges taunts Ghanaians 

Ghanaians will soon forget all about the judicial scandal that has grabbed the nation’s attention for the past few weeks, according to the disgraced judges.

The 12 thieves men who have been the recipient of society’s collective scorn say they are confident of getting some respite because another scandal will “inevitably” break in the coming days. “In a land where scandals are as frequent as dumsor, it’s only a matter of time before Ghanaians turn their attention to another scandalous event.”

“Ghanaians are easily excited so they hop from one issue to the other like they are playing hopscotch. Alhaji Imoro and the NSS ghosts, COP Timbilla and the fake police recruitment forms, the Accra floods and the yet to be confirmed deaths; the list goes on and on. Ghanaians will soon forget about our shameful goat and yam stories, and we’ll live happily ever after,” explained one of the judges.

Another described Ghanaians as the kid who is all excited about his new toy until a newer one turns up and then this toy ends up somewhere under the bed with a pile of other forgotten toys. “Our shameful stories will soon fade away from the nation’s attention.”

“Ghanaians forget about scandals faster than Usain Bolt runs a 100m sprint,” he added.