Parliament to pass the Divine Right of Parliamentarians Bill

Parliament is currently considering a bill which will allow parliamentarians to shamelessly display their ignorance without fear of being labelled as such.

Sources say the bill has won the backing of an overwhelming majority of MPs who say they “are tired of being called out for what they are.” The Divine Right of Parliamentarians is rooted in an “oga-at-the-top” doctrine which asserts that a parliamentarian who expresses uneducated views shall not be subject to criticism from anyone, especially not from an expert on the subject matter. The doctrine contends that parliamentarians are gods whose folly shall not be mentioned or exposed.

A member of parliament argued that statements made on the floor of the august house are always refined and educated, hence the bright and honourable men and women of the house should be protected from criticism. “Our debates and discussions are always guided by sound reasoning and good judgement. It is therefore not surprising that we’ve heard such profound pronouncements on the floor of this august house; pronouncements such as- “fufu causes cancer,” “adulterous women should be stoned to death” and the recent one about vaccine trials. Such scholarly statements! We only want to protect our right to make such statements, that’s all.”

Another MP urged his colleagues to rush through the bill, arguing that “if we delay the passage of the Divine Right of Parliamentarians Bill, we face the appalling prospect of never hearing such profound pronouncements from our honourable MPs.”