Parliamentarians To Take A Compulsory Lie Detector Test

Ghanaian members of parliament will be required to take a compulsory lie detector test after claims that bribery is widespread in the honourable house.

Mr. Albin Bagbin, the sitting member of parliament for Nadowli Kaleo, has alleged that some of his colleagues accept bribes from lobby groups with a promise to raise specific questions and/or support certain views on the floor of parliament.

The leadership of the Ghanaian parliament, in an attempt to salvage the reputation of the honourable house has directed that every member will take a polygraph test to prove their guilt or innocence.

The Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), which has been tasked with this unprecedented exercise is reportedly developing a series of questions for each honourable member. The use of lie detectors is based on the assumption that lying produces emotional reactions in an individual that, in turn, create unconscious physiological response. Supporters of the polygraph test are hoping it will help expose the unscrupulous elements in our parliament.

CHRAJ also hinted that, depending on the success of this exercise, the testing could be extended to all presidential candidates. They will be tested to find out if they truly believe they can deliver their campaign promises or their promises are just hot air.

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