Passport Service to introduce a new 500 page passport

The Ghana Passport Service has reportedly announced plans to introduce a new 500 page passport. This giant-sized travel document which will be valid for 30 years will also ensure that Ghanaians do not have to renew their passports as often as they do presently.

According to an official of the Passport Service, a slight delay in the printing of the new passports was the cause of the recent reported delays with the passport application process. “The delays had nothing to do with non-payments of fees owed to the publishers. The initial batch of passports supplied to us had a bloody typo. They had printed ‘Padsport’ instead of ‘Passport’ on the front cover. Those printers must have had a period of lengthy conversations about pads just before they went into print. Fortunately, we have resolved the matter so we will begin issuing the new passports shortly,” he revealed.

He also noted that the new travel document will be of great benefit to the borgas and business men and women who are forced to renew their passports every so often because of the numerous visa stamps they acquire on their frequent travels. “Now our borgas and business people can fly to Dubai, London, New York and China without having to worry about the number of empty passport pages left for their next visa stamp,” he argued.

It is feared that the new passport which weighs just over 350 grams might not be well received by the general public because of its bulkiness. The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration has consequently hinted of plans to use her Twitter expertise to launch a social media campaign to educate Ghanaians about the advantages of having such a bulky passport.

The campaign is expected go live later this week and will have the hashtag #BetterPadsportAgenda

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