Pastor Claims Credit For Reduction In Road Accidents

SPINTEX ROAD- The founder and CEO of Holy Gospel Anointed Mountain Of Abundant Faith and Blessings International Believers Ministries, Reverend Archbishop Major General Dr. Judas, is allegedly claiming credit for the 3 per cent reduction in the number road traffic accidents in the 2013.

His claim comes after the The National Road Safety Commission (NRSC), issued a statement on Tuesday claiming that 2013 has seen a drop in the number of road traffic accidents. Statistics available to the Commission showed a reduction of three per cent in the number of road accidents reported between January and November this year in comparison with numbers from last year. This reduction, the Commission attributed to the success of its road safety campaigns.

Speaking from the church’s temple, the Reverend Archbishop Major General Dr. Judas, said “road traffic accidents have absolutely nothing to do with reckless driving, poorly maintained cars or even bad roads. They are all the work of witches and wizards seeking to quench their thirst for blood. The only way to stop road accidents is by countering these demons with prayers.”

He reportedly claimed that his prayers at the beginning of the year, asking for good health for all Ghanaians, is what has brought about the reduction in road traffic accidents figures. The Commission’s claims, he added, should be ignored and the funds for the road safety campaigns given to the church in exchange for free prayer consultation on reducing road traffic accidents.

Reverend Archbishop Major General Dr. Judas’ claim was supported by a member of the congregation saying “….for 2 years I have not serviced my car or sent it for a road worthy test. I just give my friend at the DVLA something small and he gives me the road worthy certificate and I have had no accidents! Not even one and this is all because I come to Reverend Archbishop Major General Dr. Judas for prayers.”

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